Thursday, 28 June 2012

Part 2 - Sedim...the silent waterfall

Part 2.

I ride my motorbike South following the flow of Bintang Hijau Range. Along the 16 KM ride to neighbouring recreational forest, Sungai Sedim, there are lot of village with interesting name such as Kampung Badang and Padang Belon. Pleasant sight of green rubber farm and orchard along my ride was obstructed bty some ugly looking cleared forest (New Palm oil or rubber plantation - Village folk told me).

I stop twice along my way, first is to buy a drink from a grocery shop and second for this:

A strong looking male goat - they had build a nice goat farm near Sungai Sedim that sold all goat product such as mutton, milk and skin. They also sell life goat.

As I arrived at Sedim recreational forest, I choose the existing trail blow the canopy walk (no one at the entrance and it was locked). At the entrance there are a lot of this palm tree present:

Toddy palm or 'nau' in Malay. The fruit from this palm is edible and if you eat 'Ais kacang' (shaved ice) in Malaysia or Thailand, most likely you had eat this palm fruit.

I walk on the trail until the path along the stream covered up by rattans. The sharpest rattan I ever had but the torns are loosely arranged. Not much action from birds except red-crowned barbet, green iora, chestnut-capped forktail and Raffle's Malkoha.

There are a lot of this kind of tree (green pigeon's nest shorea), but only a couple of Thick-billed Green Pigeon seen along the trail.

My attention on birding was distracted by other wildlife - the butterflies. There are lot of butterfly flying freely at the recreational area (just below the bridge)

Birdwing sp. build up most of the party

A refreshing look butterfly

the pale green

The odd one

All in a frame

...for this post...Cheers.

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