Friday, 17 February 2012

21/1/2012 - Air Itam Dalam and Surrounding area

Today I decide to look for the Air Itam Dalam recreation area to see what happening there and the progress of new boardwalk construction. Before I arrived to the main forested area, I checked the paddyfield area nearby and found a flock of snipes foraging

The highlight on the paddyfield on that morning was 3 Red-throated Pipit, however no good photo obtained.

Greet me as always - Crested Serpent Eagle

As I arrived at Air Itam Dalam main area, the construction worker had arrived as well mean the construction was still on going, to my justification as I went into the boardwalk area (as the worker is so cooperating) the construction already 50% complete. The bird present as well show that the construction did not inflict much damage to the area.

Banded Woodpecker foraging

Spotted-Wood Owl - two bird on a tree

A Lesser Flameback - not so common these day as it use to be

Another 'good' bird that I saw at Air Itam Dalam was Ruddy Kingfisher which give me no chance to photographed the presence.

As the sun raise, I went back to the paddyfield to observe the harvesting activities, and to my suprise, not much raptor forage around the harvester as usual...

An operating harvester machine with flocks of cattle, little and great egrets.