Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Welcome to Birding on Bike

First, introduction to myself, my name is Hakim from Penang. I started birding in 2008... doing thesis for my undergraduate thesis in Terengganu. After the university day had passed, I continue birding in my area... firstly I start with nothing, no binocular, no camera and nothing. Until the day I invite Dave Bakewell to my area, he loan me a pair of binocular. In the early day of birding I use my phone camera to photograph and obtain really ugly poor picture as below:

A Tiger Shrike I rescue back in Terengganu

A mysterious duck seen in my playground: Kampung Permatang Nibong Ricefield. I seen this duck last year but up until today the mystery did not solve.

Now, back to the main topic, introduction to this blog. I name this blog as Birding on Bike because most of time I went birding, I birding by bike. This is my style, justification is; It is easy for me to move around the area, petrol cost is cheap and bike is the only mean of transport I posses currently. Now a brief introduction to my bikes:

My Bikes: On the left is KRISS 110 or I always refer this as 'Motosikal cap senjata', loyally serve me since 2004. On the left is Lagenda 110 or I refer as 'Motosikal kakak saya' I'd been use this since last 2 years ( my worse road accident is with this bike)

I think to start a blog since last year now I start blogging because a good friend which I will remember as a guy who give inspiration and very excellent birder, had ask me when I will start my blog? Remember one of advice my good friend had gave 'if you plan to do something, just do it', I bought a camera to start documenting so that I can blogging once I'd return to Penang from Pulau Tengah.

I'd buy a Nikon S8200, just a point and shoot camera ( I still save up some money for scope and SLR camera with good lens). It turn out as a good investment as the picture is not very bad. Here is the some bird picture I got with this tiny camera:

Whiskered Tern in Kuala Sanglang, Perlis

Purple back starling: Some individual from a flock of 130 birds in Kampung Permatang Nibong

The most common kingfisher in my playground ( in Malaysia probably) White-throated Kingfisher

Slight different after using point and shoot camera and handphone camera. My current camera have a 14X zoom and full HD image, so at RM870 I think this is not a bad investment for amatuer birder like me. Hope I can learn more about photography and invest on a decent SLR camera for birding in the future.

So, That's all for my blog introduction. I really appreciate any comment from anyone. I hope this blog can give information on birds in my surrounding area. 

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